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Affordable everyday fine jewellery made from precious metals and lab grown diamonds.

We have noticed that most Lab-grown jewellery online is made using cheap imported mounts and mass produced technique's. there is a huge gap in the market for high end well made pieces using fabricated and cultured diamonds. 

The polarising subject of Labs vs Natural diamonds rages on and it has been studied that the majority of women would prefer a Natural stone for an engagement ring but would also consider Lab-grown. 

There are every day essential piece that most women would love to own but might not entertain the large price tag. Pieces like studs .hoops, eternity rings and tennis bracelets and necklaces.  

This is the perfect market for Lab-grown diamonds.

A natural diamond tennis bracelet with a 0.10 ct stone and a total weight of 5 carats would cost around £10,000.

There are now many lab-grown options online all cheaply produced using 9ct white gold.

We wanted to give customers a middle range option. using our handmade traditional roots and knowledge to produce our capsule collection.

This collection takes some of our most popular and essential pieces and finishes them with Lab-grown Diamonds.

everyday essentials every woman wants in her wardrobe. They are fun and affordable and go with everything you wear.  

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