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Source a Sapphire

Step into our wonderful technicolour world of Sapphire. If you wish to add some colour to your jewellery then Sapphire is the way to go. With almost endless colour options and a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale these fascinating gems are a great choice.

Many other gemstones are just to brittle to be worn on the hand so we focus on bringing you a curated selection of Sapphires from around the world, each hand-selected for its exceptional quality and beauty to inspire your ideas.

Your very own little juicy fruit!




Many people believe that Sapphire is Blue but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Vibrant Oranges and Yellows ,Purples and regal greens and blues and also mesmerising Bi-colour combinations make Sapphire an intriguing route to take when choosing a stone.

We have many request for Teal coloured Sapphires which are mined in Australia and Montana USA, good teals are rare and not always available in the sizes and shapes within budgets This makes them all the more fun and sort after!







If you really have the determination to hunt down something unique ,then colour change Sapphire is a most fascinating freak of nature but be warned, shapes and sizes will not be readily available and you will need to be flexible.




Pastel tones are also popular, being a more affordable option than their intense counter parts, as the industry tells us they aren't as desirable. This is subjective of course and your personal taste is what matters. if you like softer more delicate colours your in luck.







Our Sapphire's are either Natural or heat treated. below are some of examples of coloured Sapphires we have discover and jewellery pieces we have created using this enigmatic gems 




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