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GIA diamonds. The anatomy of a diamond


Diamonds are the most traditional choice when it comes to selecting a stone for an engagement ring. We can source diamonds in any colour. White (colour-less), yellow and cognac are by far the most common.

The quality of a stone is based upon an accumulation of different factors, cut, colour, clarity & carat, otherwise known as the 4C's. We only work with GIA certified diamonds and only use those that lie between the top of the colour scale, a D, through to G.

Carat Weight

The carat of any stone is the unit of weight it holds, not its visible size as this is related directly to its cut and spread. A heavier stone may appear smaller if it is cut deeper and vice versa. One carat (1 ct) is divided into 100 points, so a diamond of 50 points is described as a half a carat or a 0.50 carat.

Carat weight is the most obvious factor in determining the value of a diamond, but its important to take into consideration that two stones of an equal weight can have very different values once the other aspects are taken on board.

Color Grading

Colour is a key characteristic. The ideal diamond colour is graded as a 'D' and has the total absence of any colour. However, when colour grading fancy diamonds, otherwise known as coloured diamonds, this is the exact opposite as an intense hue is an asset, a vivid colour is required.

At London Rocks we only use GIA certified diamonds, which are graded from 'D' - 'Z', and in house we only work with stones that are a 'G' or higher.

Clarity Grading

The clarity of a diamond is assessed by how many imperfections it holds both internally and externally. These marks and flaws in the stones are called inclusions. Almost all diamonds contain minute traces of non-crystallised carbon, as organic products this is nature's way of making each stone unique.

Cut Grading

When a stone is perfectly cut, light rays from all angles are bent towards the centre of the stone to then reflect back out giving diamonds their characteristic 'sparkle'. A diamond that is cut too deep will allow light to escape through its sides, whereas a stone that is cut too shallow, 'leaks' light through the bottom giving a dull appearance.

Stone Pricing Guide

The combination of the 4C's is what dictates a diamonds value, and it is important to focus on the aspect that is most important to you and works within budget. Here is our pricing guideline for various cuts, colours, clarity and carat weights.

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