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we want to give customers a wonderful experience . buying or creating an engagement ring or other piece of special jewellery should be fun right? our bespoke service is inspiring and effortless working with one of our experienced team. here's how it goes.
1: we first establish a design direction and budget. Yes your budget is a key factor in providing a streamline service. once we know your price point we know what to offer we you and this saves time. we also have a lot of couples coming in together to choose a ring and we like to be discreate.
2: stone viewing :
we will curate a selection of stones for you working downward from your top end ,so you will have plenty of options and don't have to spend every penny. different shapes sizes colours and clarities are all sourced for you specifically. We will discuss all your design ideas .
3: once you have chosen a stone we work on designs. ideas are sketched out by hand, until we have a clear understanding on both sides. designs are not limited and we will do as many sketches as necessary to get to a point that you are happy at this point computer generated renders can be provided.
4:Once you have your heart set on a design , your order goes downstairs to the workshop were it is loving hand crafted by our goldsmiths, either fabricating components that have been built in cad , 3d printed then cast or by melting down metal and creating something by hand.
5: once your ring mount has been made and prepped. it is passed over the bench for setting, this is where your stones will be placed into the mount using advance optical equipment and air pressured hand engraving tools.
6:Once your ring is finished it goes back upstairs to be boxed up ready for you collection. the whole process takes from 2 to 6 weeks depending on the complexity of the job.
Our handmade process: 
Our hand made process has always been at the heart of our business, its how we started out and is still a big part of our ubi.
We start by melting down bullion ,Gold or Platinum and pouring it into an ingot.
this is then put through the rolling mill to flatten or make square wire. from this we can then mill further or pull down into round wire, this is achieved by literally pulling the metal through smaller and smaller holes by hand until it is sufficient gage for the job in hand . nearly every job has claws which are made from wire around 0.9mm .
Once we have all our metal to the correct measurements we can start turning up bezels for stones and bands for shanks. everything has to be extremely accurate as we are work in 10ths of a mm. everything is papered up and polish before it is soldiered together, a highly skilled part of the process. these days we have the luxury of modern tech like our laser wielder which saves a lot of time as we can tack components together before soldering.
Once the pieces are soldered together the mount needs to be pre polished before the stones are set into it. We use optical setting equipment and air pressured hand engraving tools to set the stones in-place, which is the same for all our jewellery whether its collection or bespoke.
the final stage is polish as before mention all the pieces are prepped as we work through the job so final polish usually needs just two grits to achieve a high polish
Our custom process:
We regard custom as any bespoke job that isn't completely hand made . we may be using one of our Bands casts from a mould combined with a hand made setting for an unusually shape stone or just because its something we don't have in our itinerary, like a heart shape or marquise-cut.
this is a fantastic and affordable way to create a unique piece . Our castings come from pre made moulds or are 3d printed from cad files ,they can be cast into Platinum ,or 18ct yellow or rose gold.  We may be customising a collection piece by added tiny diamonds to the bezel or rail of a classic solitaire, either way the outcomes of these custom pieces are always wonderful and personal to the individual with their own stamp on the design.
Our collection Process: 
Our collections are made up of designs and pieces that are classic icons with our own added signatures and detail twists. Solitaires, three stones and Halo rings are all exclusively designed and produced at our in house workshop. Yes! you can buy a solitaire ring at any jewellers and if your not a jewellery connoisseur you may not know the difference but not all solitaire were made equal and ours are focussed on being the best they can be. there is a world of difference for those who know. WE don't scrimp on weight, even with the light weight ring trend of skinny bands we always maintain a functional and durable piece by incorporating optical illusion making something appear slim whilst maintaining depth and strength. We have always focussed more on our products than any other aspect of our business. advertising and social media are all important parts of our company but we believe products speak for themselves and we have built our business by word of mouth. We have always wanted to innovate and keep a step ahead of other retailers in Hatton garden without the huge advertising budgets that some have. are ubi is all about quality, design and small scale production and we like to bring clients a different kind of experience. Our designs are well thought through and have developed our the years . A piece that makes it into the collection will be a popular style that we make often and feel it warrants creating moulds so the product is consistent as it will be offered via the online shop. We always try and improve on the classics style adding small details and twists so ours stand apart from other jewellers. Our collections go through a product development stage where we might create the physical hand made piece and tweak and refine before moving to cad for an accurate master pattern from which either a mould is created or some intricate designs will be 3d printed directly from the file .All of our collection pieces are designed to be as modular as possible so components are interchangeable and clients can mix and match these to create a unique piece.
All pieces are subject to stricked quality control

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