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Engagement Rings are worn to signify that the wearer is engaged to be married and is most commonly given at the time of the proposal, although some couples choose to pick the ring out together.

There is a reason all the shops have the same rings in their windows, that is because they all use the same manufacturer's.

we are different !

Our finely curated range of top engagement ring styles are designed, fabricated and set at our London jewellery shop/workshop. Our classic style engagement rings are meticulously crafted with extra attention to detail and signature features we have developed exclusive to our line.

You will explore, Solitaire, 3 stone and Halo style engagement rings, featuring all shapes, sizes and specifications of lab-grown or Natural Diamonds, styles of engagement ring setting and bands.


Professional Engagement Ring Designers

With so many shops to choose from, it can end up getting a little confusing when it comes down to making a decision as to which jewellers are right for you. Established in 2013 our experience in crafting exceptional jewellery and our background in traditional hand made goldsmithing goes back way further. The award-winning London Rocks team are one of the very best that Hatton Garden has to offer. Our small shop offers a private experience where we focus on clients and couples one at a time creating a relaxed environment. Over the years we have built up a sizable range of samples and concept pieces to inspire your unique engagement ring ideas. Always keeping our finger on the pulse of new trends and constantly up dating our samples

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Post setting up shop in 2013, the team at London Rocks have made their name in the jewellery trade, with their expert work rewarded by TV appearances and a collaboration with global brand, Baileys.

Our master craftsmen are able to combine extensive training with years of experience .Working with a variety of styles from vintage Art deco and Art nouveau engagement rings to modern contemporary and minimal ring concepts.

From Lobsters to Lotus flowers. Designs inspired by the sculptures of Barbara Hepworth to the abstract art work of Kandinsky and the Brutalist architecture of Carlos Scarpa.

We have heard it all

Handcrafted in our London Workshop

We are the only private jewellery workshop to have a shop front in the Hatton Garden area. Escape the hustle and bustle of Hatton Garden and step into our serene oasis of creativity and craftsmanship. Tucked away on Leather Lane food market just adjacent to the main street our shop and workshop offer a tranquil retreat from the typical jewellery shopping experience. Here you wont find any sleazy salesmen or high pressured tactics just a warm welcome and genuine expertise from our designers and craftspeople.  whilst you browse our designs you'll discover the difference that sets us apart.


Creating your own exquisite unique handmade engagement ring is a very personal journey. From initial inspiration to the final project, we’ll help you to make your ring special and exclusive to you.

Visiting our Engagement Ring Shop

Our little shop provides an opportunity to view our wide range of engagement ring designs on offer, as well as expertly crafted wedding rings, eternity rings, and bespoke fine jewellery. We are constantly working on new samples to share with our customers and you will find not just traditional styles but also the Avant Garde.

A feature glass floor allows our visitors to look down at our craftsmen at work and see what they are working on. You can see first-hand how our unique commissions are made. Or for more behind the scenes action you can follow our channel on you tube where we reveal all the magic that goes into real jewellery ,with stories ,history ,education our clients stories and everything diamonds, jewellery and gems.


London Rocks tv

Back when all the shops in Hatton Garden where red carpets and chandeliers we always wanted our workshop to be the focus of our business

Our workshop is where we lovingly make all our bespoke pieces, and it’s at the heart of everything we do.

After meeting with couples to discuss the initial design and concept of their custom engagement ring, our master craftsmen will work alongside some of the best stone dealers in the world in order to seek out the finest gemstones for your budget. Our diamonds are either conflict free and GIA certified or Lab-grown so you can rest assured that your ring will be of the upmost quality and ethicality.

After 4-6 weeks, (or your specified deadline), you’ll be presented with an engagement ring that perfectly represents your relationship and will be treasured for years to come.

Which Engagement Ring Style is Right for Me?

Deciding on just one style for your bespoke engagement ring can be a tough choice. The key is not to include to many ideas into one piece.

We’re able to create rings in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the traditional solitaire to the more vintage inspired cluster – there’s a style that will suit everyone.

One way to tell which style you should opt for is by first considering any other jewellery you currently wear, and any planned jewellery for the future such as your wedding ring. You should also consider your day to day lifestyle, as the amount of wear and tear that your ring is likely to endure will determine the type of metal that your engagement ring should be. Remember there are no rules and if you are googling "what kind of engagement ring should i get" your doing it all wrong. its personal and subjective.

Whatever the case may be, our resident jewellery experts will help you to discover the right style for you during your consultation.

What Should I Consider About My Partner Beforehand?

What is their personal style?

Once you think about the types of jewellery and accessories that your partner likes to wear already, then you may have an idea of the type of engagement ring style that they’ll prefer – do they lean more towards statement pieces, or more classic styles such as a four claw solitaire?

What kind of job do they have?

If they have a hands-on job, such as a chef or an artist, then it would be worth considering a ring that will be able to stand some external stress. On the other hand, if they work in an office-based job then you can go a little more extravagant or delicate.

When do you plan on proposing?

If there is an upcoming event, birthday, or holiday, then you may want to consider both how this will factor into your budget, and also the deadlines for the actual creation of the ring – our lead times are typically 4-6 weeks, however we can work to tighter deadlines if desired.

How Do I Know What Their Ring Size is?

There are many ways to go about finding out this information if you want to keep the ring a secret. You can borrow a ring from their current selection and make a quick trip to a jewellers to get it sized, or the easier option (where you’ll be less likely to get caught!) is to print out a ring size guide and simply measure it against an existing ring to get an accurate size estimate.

However you decide to do it, there’s no need to panic if it turns out that you went a little too small or big, as we offer free resizing on all our bespoke engagement rings.

Unsure of what you’re after? Book a consultation with our professional team and they’ll help you to create something truly special.


Amazing shop selling beautifully designed handmade jewellery and also bespoke one off creations. Family run business combining incredible skill and knowledge with great customer service. I highly recommend going there for all your jewellery needs!

Nina, London

LR have always been very helpful, friendly, genuine and professional. Even with time pressure from my side, i got the design I wanted and, honestly, it exceeded my expectations. Keep up the good work and put smiles on people's faces like you do.

Mansoor, Zurich

LR helped design a perfect engagement ring. We left our design session confident that they would create what we wanted. In reality, they exceeded our expectations. They delivered something unique and personal with ease & warmth. Thank you so much.

Tess, Chicago


A unique experience

From initial consultation, to seeing your design come to life: creating your own wedding or engagement ring is a personalised and special experience for every couple.

Commission a bespoke design that beautifully symbolises your relationship, and see your perfect ring come to life in front of your eyes.

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