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Being upwards of £20,000 for a good quality stone, 2 carat diamonds were rarely seen. depending on the circles you move in. But now with Lab-grown options ,stones of this size and stature are now way more excisable to the public . because of the vast difference in price between Lab-grown and Natural diamonds we have seen a huge rise in requests for 2 carat diamond sizes,

As jewellers passionate about crafting timeless symbols of love, the rising popularity of the 2 carat diamond engagement ring hand not gone unnoticed. 

Couples are increasingly drawn to the allure and brilliance of this size. With an average cost of around £4000 for 2 carat solitaire ring.

Customers with an average budget of around £2,500 /£3,500 the national average. £2500 will probably snag you a natural stone of just over 0.50 carat with a good spec, but customers in this range now tent to opt for Lab-grown options over smaller natural diamond stones

Although stats show the majority of women would currently prefer a Natural diamond over Lab-grown, these huge differences in size are tempting and allows people to get the exact look they want for their ring with no compromising, which is a given when choosing a Natural stone.

Without the added pressure of budget ,and having to compromise somewhere on colour or clarity to get a larger stone.

Clients choosing 2 carat and 3 carat  Lab-grown, also known as Fabricated diamonds and cultured diamonds, seem to have a more relaxed time choosing a ring. There is no niggling feeling of spending a large sum of money and not getting exactly what you dreamed of. most clients leave walking on air and in love with there new ring.

 They know they have a lot of options and some times this can lead to more unique and adventurous design choices as a lot of clients are quite conservative in this regard when spending large sums of money. people don't want to spend 10s of thousands only to feel the design is out of fashion within a few years.

For us as designers this is fantastic news, not only do client focus more on the uniqueness of their ring but there is more room for bespoke details, literally more room a 2 carat diamond has a spread and depth that allows the designer to ad unique details that just aren't possible with a 0.50 carat diamond.

2 carat lab-grown diamonds are one of our most popular stones 

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