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Lab-grown diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds offer a sustainable and ethical alternative to mined diamonds. cultivated in controlled environments using advanced technology, these diamonds possess the same chemical and physical properties as natural diamonds. they provide consumers with a conflict free choice while still offering the timeless beauty and brilliance associated with diamonds.

We see a lot of misleading information online being pushed by retailers . Don't get us wrong labs are amazing and optically identical. and although close there are differences chemically ,this is how they are differentiated from natural using machines. these machines detect the nitrogen within natural diamonds which is not present in Lab-growns except within very rare circumstance's. fluoresce is another indicator of a natural diamond.



We didnt start selling Labs until 2 years ago , even after seeing many stones and being thoroughly empressed.

To understand why we made this decision you need some context and perspective.

first off synthetic gemstones have been around for a long time but have never been sort after and never used in high end jewellery and were relegated to costume jewellery. they can be told apart by most professionals

Labs are different they are visually identically and here the problem and confusion starts for dealers 

Secondly every craftsmen's wants to get to the top of their game and within jewellery this means working with high end materials .our business is not just profit led it is about passion and striving to be the best. Our independent business was started by a craftsmen and was developed from the grown up with no investment just hard work and skill, which brings us to branding.

The main reason for not jumping on the lab-grown band wagon was branding and reputation and we think this shows integrity as the price of labs dropped rapidly retailers were able to make a killing so many did just that. we were concerned about what it would say about our brand that we worked so hard to establish. and even today it is a tricky subject and we have to be carful who we mention this to.

But it does work both ways and some clients are adamant that mined diamonds are a bad thing and are only interested in lab. it is the most polarising thing to happen within the industry ever.

We wanted to learn as much as possible about the ethical claims and we wanted to know where we stood on the subject before we offered them to clients. We found when building a company like ours, word of mouth ,trust and the final product were essential  . we have always strived to be transparent with customers and build trust. without trust you want last long in the world of jewellery . 

it is still not completely understood what the ethical situation is ,as the stats are definitely fudgy . the technology is certainly sustainable but the ethical claim is genius marketing. 

the best thing about labs is that purchasing one of these stones come with less pressure and no comprise.

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