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Do couples pick an engagement ring together?

if your thinking about proposing and haven't got a clue, don't worry your not the first and certainly not the last clueless dude out there.

Traditionally a man would give a woman a ring of his choosing ,which is still a very nice way to do things. many women would love the man to own the situation and pick something . That's in a ideal world where their partner knows their tastes and style well and nails it with the perfect ring, its romantic . but what if you get it wrong !

its always good to have some kind of insight maybe and friend or family member of your partner, that may have discussed rings with them. or maybe you can casually ask what she thinks of a particular celebrities ring. you may open the flood gates.

Obviously this can go wrong ! your partner may have a dream ring in mind and there is no flexibility .this really depends on you partner and no one knows them better than you

maybe the family or friend thinks they know but doesn't really . not every girl wants the same ring their mother even if they have told them they love thier ring .they might, have a completely different taste and style. but maybe mum doesn't realise this. we have literally experienced this 

These days anything goes ,you really can make your own rules. some people are traditional and some arent.

40 % of couples come in together . this is a safe bet for guys as you are sure she will choose what she wants. however budget is likely to come up whilst choosing stones and some can feel awkward with this .

bringing your partner with you usually results in maxing out your budget or even going over budget. simply put ,this is because the more expensive stones look better. maybe there bigger maybe there whiter maybe they have exceptional clarity. but more expensive equals higher quality and higher quality will sing more !

You poor man:

buying an engagement ring is pretty loaded right and it can make one feel abit inadequate . am i spending enough ? Am i choosing the right shape ? what metal colour am i supposed to get.

lets be honest the majority of guys have never given an engagement ring a second look ,now all of a sudden its you about to pop the question. well your about to become an expert.

where are you suppose to start? finding a jeweller you trust is the best start, someone you feel you can talk openly with and have that conversation before you come in with your partner.

don't come to Hatton garden on a Saturday hung over thinking its going to be a quick in and out. you can get an awesome coffee at either proofroc or the attendant but there are hardly any places to get a good bit of food. you need supplies and refreshments .we see guys like you every weekend that sit at the desk loosing the will to live.

Are lab-growns acceptable

one of the biggest issues for guys is Lab-grown v Natural. We love lab-grown but it is still a very polarising subject and something you need to be clear on.  although some women are won over by Lab-grown once they see what they can get ,but some just aren't open to labs and don't buy all the ethical claims , labs do still have a stigma attached to them for some, and no amount of ethical talk is going to win them over.

we are seeing so many large diamonds online these days( even from companies who claim not to sell lab) . its changing peoples expectations. Diamonds of 0.50 to 0.90 carats were completely acceptable just 3 years ago but now diamonds under 1 carat have really taken a hit as clients seem to opt for labof 2 to 3 carats instead.

Labs are 80% cheaper than natural and this allows guys with the average budget of £3000 to £4000 to achieve seizes of 1.5 carat +.

we don't like to admit it, but for some women the amount spent on the ring equates to how much you value them as a partner. now this is not our outlook but you really want to establish if they are open to lab before first.

When we say women place a value on the ring you give them this doesn't always mean monetary value, it could mean that you have put a lot of thought and effort into the design of the ring and that you had a big part creating it.


3 months salary:

the old golden rule that an engagement ring should cost 3 month wages is a time old tradition, but we wonder who created it. jewellery companies ?

An engagement ring should cost as much as you can afford. there are more important things in life to consider.( if your that worried) . When we make a piece for a new client we usually gain a customer for life and we love it when older couples come in for a new ring and say we got engaged when we were 25 look at my ring its tiny its all we could afford at the time.

peoples lives move forward and if your successful its tempting to upgrade, but when asked, its not about replacing the ring, most women would never part with there original ring as it is so precious to them . but its always nice to become successful and give your partner their dream ring. relationships are more than just a ring.


whether we like to Amit it or not some clients just really want to flex and are buying a ring for everybody else to see, after all an engagement ring is there to signal that this person is off the market. For us an engagement ring is a symbol of your love and it should be personal and special. you don't have to conform to the conventional norms. create a ring that is specially for you and your partner not for everyone else to be impressed by.


we also offer an iou service, you can come in a purchase a stone this way you have pretty much set a budget(a simple ring mount cost from £800 +) you have that element of surprise with your proposal and your partner gets to come in and design a ring for the stone and be part of the process. 



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