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How d'ya like them apples

Posted on October 14 2016

For the month of October we are filling a small section of Canary Wharf's, One Canada Square with a pile of dazzling, golden apples! On display is a range of hand made designs, propped up by an autumnal feast of apples. Researching further into the cultural and mythological significance of apples throughout time inspired our window gallery. 


 The visible text below the pile of fallen fruit is a quote a poem by William Butler Yeats, 'The Song of the Wandering Aengus'. It's a sad but romantic tale of lost love, Aengus The Celtic Gold of love and beauty takes on the characteristics of a mortal man. Depicting wandering into the woods one afternoon, Aengus crafts a fishing road from some hazel. To his surprise he catches a trout and starts a fire to cook his prize, however he is quickly distracted by a glimpse of a 'glimmering girl' calling his name. He searches and searches for the girl, but waits so long he becomes an old man. He sits and hopes one day she will return so that they will 'kiss and hold hand' and pick 'the silver apples of the moon' and 'the golden apples of the sun' until the end of time. 


The display showcases some finer pieces such as the crowning 18 carat Rose Gold, Smokey Quartz ring with Citrine shoulders, and a 18 carat white gold Green Tourmaline ring but also includes contemporary collection items such as silver and blue tourmaline crystalline necklace and simple gold studs. 

To enquire about any of the items shown make sure to get in touch or simply go down to have a look at our beautiful display! 

Have a look and see what else is going on at Canary Wharf arts and events page  


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