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London Rocks Guide to Finding Your Perfect Wedding Rings

Posted on September 22 2018

Love is in the air and the wedding bells are ringing, and many couples are embarking on their special journey which is the most important of their lives.                               

                                         This journey is marriage.

Wedding rings are one of the most important parts of your wedding day and your marriage.

Your wedding rings are symbol of infinity as they are a circle which has no beginning or end. The wedding ring is traditionally known to be worn on the fourth finger of the left hand as this finger is believed to lead directly to the heart.
 Here is our guide to finding your perfect
                                              wedding rings!


Time Frame...Make sure you leave enough time, with so many different designs and styles to choose from the lead times for rings can vary. At London Rocks wedding rings generally take between 2-6 weeks to be created.


Research...Do your research into your wedding rings so that you have an idea of what you would like before you hit the shops. Many couples go out looking for their rings but become confused by the amount of choice and variety. It is a good idea to start up a Pinterest inspiration board of the styles you like or make a list of the shops you want to visit. It is also a good idea to have a budget in mind to make sure you manage expectations as well as costs!

Matching your engagement ring...We see many unusual and unique engagement rings which do not always have a matching wedding ring readily available to purchase. The beauty of this is that you can get a unique and custom made wedding ring to perfectly match your engagement ring. If your ring allows a straight band to sit alongside it, this is a ‘wed fit’ ring. Alternatively you may need a shaped ring which will follow the shape around the engagement ring known as a ‘contour’. 


Style...Do you want diamonds, just plain or something textured? There are so many options for both men and women. Some couples opt for matching and some go for different styles to suit their personality and style. It is always best to try on different styles and finishes as sometimes you won’t know if it suits you until you try it on. 

Here some unique and also more traditional styles made in our workshop...



Metal...Platinum, palladium, white gold, rose gold, yellow gold – these are the main metals that wedding rings are made in. It is good to consider what colour metal you would like. Different skin tones suit different metals so it is good to try a variety on to find the perfect tone that suits you. For engagement ring wearer’s ideally you will want match the same metal as your engagement ring for wear and tear in the future however rocking the two tone look is becoming more popular these days...
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